Andrea Dinkel-Tischendorf



This reading is about clarifying issues and includes messages from your guardian angel or/and spirit guides. Most of the time, Andrea is giving a short aura reading as well.

We clarify problems on relationship, personality or any other difficulties in your life. Andrea will ask for the reasons behind a problem. The Spirit World as well as the soul shows what is important to know.

The ability within the medium to show the client`s past life that was responsible for having a deep impact or negative effect on the soul, helps to work on it together in order to solve the problem. The reasons for anxiety, problems in relationships as well as chronic disease f.e. is often found in previous lives and we keep the negative feelings.  Unconsciously we follow the same examples. To ask for  forgiveness and to be able to give it to all parties that had been involved, helps to let go and to heal the pain from the past. This will automatically result into positive changes  on your present life.

Usually angels and most likely your guardian angel will show your life purpose and your talents in order to live it to the full extend and to enjoy your life. They want you to be happy and help you to achieve your goals. Besides, your spirit guides usually show up to give important information about next steps in your life for your guidance on your spiritual pathway.

It is good but not necessary to have yourself prepared with your main questions. €